25 January, 2014

Muslim police is Muslim terrorists

Muslim police are doing the covert operations and that is why there are more Muslim violence and terrorism in the world. Just think about how Muslim informants are trying to communicate with others and claiming non-Muslims to be Muslims. I think that way of terrorist catching won't reduce the numbers of terrorism by the Muslims.

The V2K perps say that the Muslim cops are targeting me and claiming me to be a Muslim. I don't really see if they bring Chinese Muslims and the Muslim informants are hanging out with a Chinese woman claiming to be me. Well, I'm anti-Muslim and won't go out with Muslims because being wrong place at wrong time with wrong Muslims can end up in the concentration camps. So, I don't really go out with Muslim and just take pictures of suspicious Muslims in the area before they are caught for the Muslim terrorism.

911 was an insider job. And what about the Oklahoma bombing? There was the second guy with McVeigh who was mid-Eastern looking. Both case got free-fall building corruption.

The V2K perps say that they want to steal the contents of my suitcase and just leave only clothes. Well, I do agree about the Muslims going out with Nazism after the Iraq War. The US had not enough money and Germany spent more to get the leadership - as the GWB Sr. got it right about the New World Order. What about Israel these days? Of course, Neo Nazi with Muslim terrorists like the country to be crashed and bring Palestine to be on the leadership in the area.

Obama took over the church leadership under the anti-terrorism. Which was worse for the pressure on the church? Separation of the state and the church is no more. The V2K says that the definition the church dogma would be replaced by Sun Tzu's meaning of sky as the God. Chinese mafia wants to believe in that as they control the Chinese churches.