03 January, 2014

The extremist groups interested on harassment in the church - in my case

Gang stalkers often try to have a private motivation or reasoning to make what they do as the group harassment right. They would say they want to give the victim what the one should deserve from their own motivations. Even in the churches, there are gang stalkers who think they are right to do so. Here are some sample groups who would be doing so and related with the church.

- Anti-Japanese Korean group. They could be motivated to harass me in the church due to their political reasoning.

-Anti-Japanese Chinese group. The same reason as above.

- Caritas workers (German owned): Caritas workers are not necessary religious and they could exploit the organizational power and profits for the intelligence. If they are asked to work on COINTELPRO, they could do so.

- Profit-centered priests/frairs, etc. The large companies or the government employees supporting the gang stalking can ask them to work for them. They could get the huge donations or better support in the church hierarchy with the money in return. Seeing many German and Spanish cars showing up together at the churches, I think I've learned how the gang stalkers' support works these days.

- Wannabe-Hero Security people: The bored church security might want to work with the gang stalkers to make up the scenario for claiming the victim as a threat to the church such as al-Quaeda member or possible terrorist. The church workers would be working together to take the suspicious person out.

- Anti-Christian Islamic or other religious groups. They would harass the victim in order to prove their religion superior. Soka Gakkai has a group agenda that all Japanese to be converted to their cult. They love harassing the Christians and others in order to make them motivated to convert to their religion.

And what else?