23 March, 2015

Left Bucharest today

I am in Timișoara now. Just thought of taking the way to Croatia from Serbia way. So far, nothing went wrong. Just the jacket damage and my sandal damage. Ah, maybe the prayer card of the Croat saint in my Croatian bible went missing. It could be stolen and used for the evildoing by the perps at Hotel Carpati in Bucharest. You never want to get your Christian items damaged like this way. It was in my Bible when I stayed at Villa 11 last month.

Here is today's one eye-patch man.

And I talked a bit with the Philipino woman who sat near me at night. She was following me from Piața Universitati area. I walked fast and filmed her as there were not so many Asians in the city. Well, I may have time to make OSAM video tomorrow night. I have some stuffs to do tomorrow like putting the ads of the German car DVD-ROM near the synagogue in the city. Well, there was a woman with a German bag in the same vehicle in the train. I may add that one later.