04 March, 2015

Organized Stalkers Around Me - March 4th, 2015 part 2

There was a man walking with his hotel key in his hand making noise in front of me. I thought he looked like a perp trying to get my attention. Later, I saw him standing outside of the gate near my hotel and started talking to me like a pizza? I filmed him when he started the conversation. I shouted "Human trafficker" and left the spot.
I saw him crossing the street and disappeared. Did I catch the real human trafficker near Moldova? Watch the movie.

I go back to Bucharest tomorrow and would be in De Maria? near the train station. I'm sharing it as there would be some dangers from Chinese mafia around there. The V2K perps told me that the pansion was occupied by the perps and bribed by Chinese. I'm just curious to know what they do. I will share what will happen. The V2K perps told me also about the possible theft in the train to make me lose everything so that I must go back to Japan. The perps seem to be interested damaging my netbook and even trying to search for drugs. Well, I think the perps got cannabis in the tube of the spare tires from Amsterdam. I think that is CIA's drug trafficking technique. Shall I go to Paraguay and wait 4 months to get a new passport? So, I will forever not to be harassed as a Japanese in the churches or by the Soka cult?