18 March, 2015

Orthodox or Muslims?

I saw this Asian man at the corner of the street. He first walked to the right and then he returned and I took a picture at that time.

Just before seeing him, I saw one Orthodox sister and one Orthodox priest on the street.

Then I saw them walking back to the area I often encounter Muslim women.

And I saw some Muslim women showed up from the corner. And the priest and the sister just went back to the building where these Muslim women might be staying. I thought these Muslim women as Muslims but they might be Orthodox. And why they just going back so soon?? It was a good idea taking pictures for the further information leak of what they are doing.

Oh, there was this copy center I made some copies of my ad paper, but the clerk seemed to make a copy scanned for his work. Why is it happened? It reminded me of the copy spot in San Jose when I asked the clerk made the first copy threw it in the dust bin as if a failure.