01 March, 2015

Organized Stalkers Around Me - March 1st, 2015

Here is the video from today. Nothing really happened at the church mass. I am really happy that people just let others to be in the church for praying and participating the mass. No begging people outside at all. No eye-patched person. Maybe I should have share their information to ask why they are acting like that for the gang stalking against the certain individuals outside of the particular churches. Locals may now the reason.

If the China or Korean dominated churches, they should tell me where they are not harassing Japanese citizens instead of making up the stories of theft and such. They do this trick like.. oh this gentle man was flirted by this stranger.... and such.

Today´s German car info: D DO DU 417. You will see in the video.


Ruth Heinzelmann said...

Hello Jane,
DU is the town Duisburg - I was born in a part of it.
Dodu is a bird which doesn't live anymore. Sailors killed the last one, because they seemed it is funny. Dodus had a fat backside (like me). But it was very funny for me to see this license plate in your blog. The numbers doesn't tell me anything.
Kind regards
P.S. Life was never as funny for me as the time now with that gangstalking. Some of it is very annoying, but most is fun for me.