03 March, 2015

Teeth fixing in April and the V2K perps told me it could cost me another teeth

So far, the teeth I tried to get implant failed and the implant came off with the new crown last December. The V2K perps tell me that they want to take more teeth out for the harassment. The verbal abuse is like this. It just make me nervous or fear. Such issues make me to be angry towards the perps around me. Well, they are just harassing me and why not sharing their information as Stasi 2.0 list? I have German car lists. Now the city level perp face lists. It could be a historical documents in near future if this goes wrong.

Oh, here is some information about the V2K people saying:

Romania: people angrily talking is very effective for the persuasion.

Croatia: blood relatives of the police officers or US Army officers can make all the religious decisions. That is how the bishops are chosen. That is how the Chinese officers could just enter the church so easily using the bishop connection from China with tons of money for the bribe.

Fusion center police are smoking canabis and are responsible for the internal chatting monitoring.