06 March, 2015

Organized Stalkers Around Me - March 6th, 2015

I had the room at Villa Maria near Gara de Nord but I could not find it last night. It was raining and the location was on the same street with Villa 11 but the street number is 9 and the Google map showed the location next to the parking lot.

I had the room in Sir Gara de Nord. Well, the room supposed to be 101 and that was the manager's office. I complained the mistake as it didn't have a bed but a large desk for the management job. Imagine you rent one bed room at a hotel and the room is also called manager's office. It happened to me. If you want to check how it is, try to rent the room 101 there.

Anyway, I tell more about it from yesterday's OSAM I need to create later.

Here is the German car showed up right after I left the hotel.

One Ukrainian car outside of the hotel.

One Bulgarian car with some engine trouble.

One eye-patched guy at the train station. I saw few people from the hotel who sat at the lobby near my room last night and this morning.

Here is the video.