15 March, 2015

Organized Stalkers Around Me - March 14th, 2015

I was busy with some studies and book making. Also my COINAPHOTO photo taking to other researches in the photo sale websites. I have been taking photos everyday since 2006 or before and I have been quite educated on photography from perp photo taking. iStock has a bit professional business atmosphere and I cannot just register my travel photos like an amateur photographer. I need some editing that could be enough with Gimp, but takes more time than the sales possibility.

Ah, I bought Sony HX50 recently. I usually has TX series waterproof camera for any danger on my camera. But I bought the camera of the year of the last year, so it should be quite OK for photo sales. It was around 250€ with some rebates. Better clear focus on the photos and better zooming to catch the German car license plate numbers.

Ok, here is today's German cars.

I encountered some Asian males in Benessa Shopping City. I don't know why they followed me a bit.

Check the video for the details. My TF-1 camera is not really suited for snap photo taking on time above the water.