16 March, 2015

Organized Stalkers Around Me - March 16th, 2015

Today was the day I was encountered so many Muslims. First, there was this Turkish car outside of my hotel when I left. It's very rare to see a Turkish car in Bucharest but here it was.

Then I saw these Muslims near Piața Universitate. Not so many Muslims I saw before. Just in Benessa Shopping City last weekend and only few near the historic town.

Some UK cars here and there. One German car with 411 last number plate numbers is still parked near the park to my hotel way. It has been there for a week or so.

Some Asians I saw. One I missed to take a picture but on the video. Another one I took quite a big shot and will be on sale somewhere.

One JackWolfskin jacket near the above Asian man.
There was this eye-patched woman for the eye taking threat.
And a rare US car from California.
Am I targeted by the real Muslim terrorist because of being Islamphobia and anti-Islam because of the past damages and the trauma from the Muslim gang stalkers? Now, take these Muslims for the investigation. They have nothing in their life as all Muslims are potentially dangerous to be suicidal and brow up people around them or even turning them to join al-Qaeda or ISIS. No Muslim means no more ISIS threat at all.