07 March, 2015

Organized Stalkers Around Me - March 7th, 2015

Here is today's video. One German car near my hotel and some UK cars here and there even at my hotel.

Well, I had problem remembering the PIN for my bank card. I had no problem with it since last February at Craiova when I wanted to get some money at the train station ATM after I could not find the apartment I had the reservation at night. This time, I knew I can try twice without locking the card. So, after the second mistake, I went to Subway and had the early dinner and tried WIFI there. The WIFI was so slow and I couldn't just check the email in 30 minutes. I could have chance to visit the evening mass at the church nearby. I was so stressed about few things happened lately. First, Lent. I don't eat meat and no full meal except for one time a day. It makes me so stressful with the V2K perps complaining and such. Second, my TX-10 got Memory Stick top part stacked inside and the memory card half came off. I cannot get the top part off the socket and no more use of that one. I have a spare camera but that one act so slow at the beginning and I miss German car passing by for taking the shots. A memory card failure caused me to lose the camera. It was so silly to happen like this way and not even capable of fixing it. V2K can cause me to be angry because of the perps talking about it for fun like AllahAkbr thing when camera cannot fixable. I hate Muslims more, you know. And I have right to hate the Muslims because of this V2K thing.