04 March, 2015

Organized Stalkers Around Me - March 4th, 2015 part 1

I saw some men at the hotel entrance area when I left and they also left to right and left from the hotel. Then I saw 2 Chinese women walking. It is very very rare to find Asians here. Then they were talking with another Chinese man on the street and headed to north. Who are they? I thought they were the gang stalkers using my identity for the damage causing or Muslim acting.

Indeed, there was one Muslim woman walking near by. Not so many Muslims in Iasi at all.

I encountered some Muslims in Archen. Also some Turkish? in the food court area. Why so many Muslims in the area so suddenly? There is a synagogue in the area but no mosque.

One Netherlands car at the train station. Is it for the cannabis in the tube of the spare tire for the gang stalking investigation fee carrying?

And a man with Isshinkai? a sort of Karate or Aikido type club?

This is the part 1 of the video. I cut it for adding it to YouTube 10min limit.