15 March, 2015

Organized Stalkers Around Me - March 15th, 2015

I still got some Asians around me like yesterday. When I went to the 11am mass in the church, there was no Asians. However, when I went to Carrefour later for the lunch, I saw 3 Asians walking to the store. I just had problem of taking out my camera and got it later and took the picture of their backs. I saw an Asian in the shopping mall when I went there for using the bathroom. He just entered the watch store. I filmed his face for the evidence of gang stalking by the Asians. Not so many Asians in the city. Then when I went out from the store and was about to exit, the woman at the electronic cigar liquids sales stand suddenly communicated with me. She first asked me in Romanian and then asked me in English that if I want my sunglasses to be cleaned. I had a sunglasses on my head and left the store selling sunglasses and watches. Mine is a cheap one from DM. I don't want to spend over 50€ for something easily damaged like one glass taken for one eye sensitization damage. Well, I am just curious what would happen if I visit the mall again. Do they claim me of my camera in my hand or shoplifting claim making? I have Gang Stalking Analysis 11 that shows the shops in Munich would just beep the alarm at the entrance when I enter. Or the two shops at the Sofia, Bulgaria just beeping me at the entrance - the ones near Hostel Internet? The ones near MacDonalds in Serdica.

The video is here.