27 March, 2015

Organized Stalkers Around Me - March 26th, 2015

Here is the video from today. I visited the shopping mall to buy some stuffs and encountered a German car when I left. Today, only one German car I saw and 2 German speakers walked from behind of me.

Here is the video. Oh, by the way, there is the room opened and the luggage spilled around on the room floor and on the bed. I saw it with the key put outside of the door lock at night. I do not know why that kind of things going on at where I am staying. Well, it looked like someone trying to claim a theft or something. I filmed it and sharing it here in advance. Ah, no damages so far. My V2K book just need one more section and the extra portion to be added for the publication. Few more to be done this week.

The V2K perps told me that they are really wanting to steal or destroy my PC in order to stop me sharing the COINTELPRO or gang stalking going on by the Germans. If I cannot share my stories, these perpetrators can speak up against me whatever they want. Also, the V2K perps told me that Daniel Shöllhammer's family had my pc instead of me purchased in Summer, few months after I moved to another location in München Freiheit area. I do not see the reason why these V2K perps need to speak about Schöllhammer family. Well, the V2K perps also said that Daniel kept the small can of 30 to 50cm like to put a scroll in it. They said that they searched Daniel´s room and found the can in the mattress spring. The perps said that that is for keeping the cannabis plant and put it at the window for few hours or so during the day time and if it got grew up from the can, he gave it to others. They said that it required over 7 to 8cm length for making it to grew again in another soil as the duplication. If the narco cars from Münich or Netherlands searching me, why don´t they just simply check the local gangs who often talk about cannabis smoking and just the heavy smokers in everyday life?