15 April, 2015

How to make the target getting angry easily by the electronic harassment

I just got some strange sudden anger today. I don't really get angry easily. It was rather artificial, so I would like to share my experience.

First, I was hungry and it made me easily driven by my feelings and such. The hunger, thirst, pain, etc can make the person's feeling of being objective about one's actions and thoughts dull.

I've heard the low voice talking in repetitive fashion a single simple word that is uncomfortable to hear. It was in Japanese V2K form but it was like "boring, boring, boring" or "annoying annoying, annoying." That was the peer influence type sudden feeling change to make me angry.

Also, there was this strange low vibrating feeling of my body. It made me to feel uncomfortable and I was not in the state for the critical thinking before judging my actions.

So, what was this? I think that should be the known technology for the electronic harassment.