11 June, 2015

Patterns of mind control

The perps may have the patterns of how others will accept their demands through the cultural persuasion techniques. For example, Bosnians would be easily going with the people crying and claiming to ask help from the better social status. The V2K perps told me that they had a man from Okinawa but living in Germany headed to Bosnia for the surveillance. He had no money and must finish his job done in order to get the return ticket back to Japan. The penny-less civilian police teams would be easily helped. The police may ask the local citizens for help. And they might be able to invade the rooms and make porno videos in Medugorje or wherever. They could make the videos for adding suspicion on the target.

If it is in Romania, the gangs would be angry and complaining a lot to others. Also, they could just use the martial arts training session to break bones to be disfigured and claim others as useless. This works better against emotion driven people.

But if the same people go to Serbia and do the same style of being angry and claiming for the investigation, it ends up just making the situation in conflict among them.

The V2K perps say that they made 80,000 porno from the Sarajevo women. They have it for the security reasons in case of war. They targeted poriests who are fat and illegally sharing the "earth fire" for the people. Well, I don't know what they did, but that was responsible by the Turkish Embassy people as that was the chief for the stationed officer in the local Fusion center in Sarajevo. The Fusion Center got people working together from different countries.