06 January, 2015

German and other cars list from 2013

I finally created German car and others from 2013. The original is in Excel form but I made it as the master piece as a PDF. I used a software not popular for the spreadsheet making as I was afraid of EH for manipulating data. I hope my file is not corrupted or someone touched it. As far as I know, I have no raid in my room when I was creating the list in past few days.

It looks like a Stasi list, doesn't it?



Ruth Heinzelmann said...

Hello Jane, I would like to search cars of my area. 42 pages to view are too much for my concentration. Is it possible to get a list in alphabetical order? Many thanks Ruth

JB said...

For the PDF, you can use the search function checking M, MM, HH, KO and such for the German car first 2 initials indicating the area. And if you have some time, you can import it to a database soft and search through. I could share it in the database format like for SQL, but I didn't have time working on the file till I finish 2014 version. The PDF is a draft and haven't corrected small mistakes like Mercedez spelling. However, I wanted to keep the file safe and open for no manipulation to be found on my original, so I shared it first. Ruth, you can join T.A.R.A.C.T. (http://osinformers.lefora.com/) or it's FB page. I share info there also and some members can reply you if you ask questions and such.

Ruth Heinzelmann said...

Jane, thank you very much.