22 January, 2015

Organized Stalkers Around Me - January 22nd, 2015

When I went out from my hotel, I saw a Spanish car backing up.

I saw some German cars today in Amsterdam. Some are filmed.

One German car at night near my hotel. The car cannot pass the street in front of my hotel as it is only for the pedestrians. They can bring a bike with German flag on it if they really try hard like in Ljuta or Hercegnovi in Montenegro. They brought ships with German flag parked there.

Oh, I saw a couple stole a white mag from Starbucks at Domrak. I saw the woman wiping the cup while they sat and I thought they might take it with them. I saw them left the cafe and the man had the cup in his hand. Now tell me who is engaged in the criminal activities and who is eye-whitnessing the crimes here? I share the information of these crimes to everywhere as I am pissed of of the gang stalkers making up the claim of me to be something of criminals. 

And here is the video. Many French, Spanish, German cars. They might be drug cartels.