21 January, 2015

Organized Stalkers Around Me - January 20th, 2015

I visited the International Criminal Court this afternoon. Guess what? I submitted the DVD-ROM and the letter directly at the gate.

The V2K perps say that the file is thrown away and only the letter is used for the church workers' business worse. Because the Koreans knew you as an al-Qaeda member and harassing in the church offices where ever they find her attending the church. Well, this time, I added the phone-talk of the Japanese woman talking with her father about her spy business in a cafe in Paris. I don't know what they are doing and who they are, it was so so strange for me to encounter Munich cars here and there. Well, that's tons of threats and such.

Look, even today after I submitted the German car lists from 2013 to 2014, I encountered one Munich car. How many Munich cars here in The Hague?

And one Montenegro car.

Can you find the difference between a 007 car from UK and these Netherlanders cars?

A man reading an Arabic newspaper just left the newspaper behind of my table at a library and asked me if I like my stay in The Hague. Why someone with an Arabic newspaper encountered me like this way? He talked me in English.

And here is the video. I'm heading to Amsterdam tomorrow. Tooooooo many mosques and Muslims here. No fun to be claimed of some actual damages happens to the mosques. Did you know the attacks of mosques in Paris few days ago? :p See me with an yellow badge in Amsterdam till this weekend. My new volume of Japanese V2K book is almost ready and I will publish it in few days. And few more books in row. I found the missing files in a strange location in one of my backup hard drive, so I was able to reconstruct the front and back images and others. It's better to have multiple accounts on clouds to keep drafts and other files.