02 January, 2015

Organized Stalkers Around Me - January 2nd 2015

These days, only OSAM videos are posted on my blog. No thoughts or other sharing. I write more for my book entries. 20,000 words and the appendex for the next volume of Japanese V2K book. Some more book entries are coming also. Just simply adding more info and polishing them.

I wore the yellow star badge today. No German cars but some Swiss cars and Bulgarian cars. The beeping happened at the shopping mall and it was the black guy who passed the different security gate but the same time as I was. His gate was beeping and the red light was on. But he left to the escalator. I filmed him as he seemed to be a possible thief. I'm tired to be harassed by the alarm when I walk around and so often hearing beeping.

The video does not contain one thing. There is a woman probably from Netherlands as I saw her with a Dutch textbook and she was talking at the reception about the psychology and psycho therapy with some guys. She supposes to be a guest here and she asked me about checking-out this morning. I'm still here till next Monday. I need some time for working on how to share my German information - German cars stalking me for 2 years and this will be the third year. Well, the woman was talking about how psychology is in Germany. She might be from Germany. I don't know why this is happening. But she was talking in fluent English. Strange, huh? Since my room is near the reception, I was able to film the conversation when I turn my camera on the video mode in my room. It's not an offense, just my possible self-defense from any hocus-pocus claim with any psychological harassment the perps know of. I studied anthropology, intro level psych and social science area to the Black Psychology History 101 level - you know the MKULTRA to other dark researches. I could share it later. I'm packing things when I go to the bathroom and carry my netbook with me.

Hostel Sky 10 charged me 14€ through the booking.com as it says I was absent. I replied to Booking.com that the hostel does not exist. Shall I visit the building and do some graffiti on the sign telling the hostel is not open and they gonna charge you if you book online? I'm just doing the helpful part as the owner should be in Greece or somewhere.

Ok, here is the video. Enjoy watching the black guy passing the security alarm beeping at an electronic store in the shopping mall. I bought few DVD-Roms in another store - slim case one was 80SRD and the 10pc package on a stick was 50SRD each. Now I'm burning some for the sharing in near future. I will make a website for selling the same material online - 2013 for 10€ and 2014 for 15€? Both are on the link for downloading the files of the German car photos and such. It's for the campaign to make fundraising for me to get an economic citizenship from Uruguay or somewhere.

The perps could claim the materials as theirs and their pics, so I want to make sure everything is shared as samples and in a zip format as the total and shared online. I would add the backup of this blog entries for extra information of where I was or what I was doing when these cars were around. Much fun like the Anne Frank's diary in the multi-media type not in the small warehouse but around in Eastern Europe mainly.