02 January, 2015

I made hand-made yellow badge for this year

Since 2 years of German license cars stalking me and now is the 3rd year, I'm gonna put myself a yellow badge for the difference. If someone asked me about it, I'll sell DVD-ROMs of German cars from 2013 up to today. I need to buy some blank DVD-ROMs tomorrow and I will see how others will react about my badge. It's encouraging to wear it in Belgrade but must be fun to see how people would react. If it's in Zagreb, there is Shoah Academy telling the Jewish history. Do you know that one? I might share the German car info from Zagreb and the high frequency encountering ratio with eye-patched or blind people in Zagreb.

I have been sharing OSAM videos for so many past entries, and this might be something a bit different.

Ah, I could write much beautiful on the cloth but I was not really into decoration.

How to make a yellow badge without a printer:
1. You need - a name tag, yellow cloth about 15x15cm, a cereal box or VaPiano menu, a paper, sawing kit, scissors, a pencil, a black marker.
2. Open your laptop and google "yellow badge jews" and check the yellow badge picture that is suited for your badge making.
3. Use your pencil to trace down the star of David on the paper.
4. Cut the paper to the shape of the Star of David.
5. If the size is not adequate, try to cut down a triangle shape from the original form and makes another using the second copy. The 2 triangles must have the equal size.
6. Put 2 triangles combined on the yellow cloth and use the marker to draw the star.
7. Use one of the triangle to make the inner lines.
8. Draw the outer cutting lines.
9 Cut the clothes and get one nallow strings for the horizontal part.
10. Saw the horizontal part on the star. The string must be easy to hook on the name badge, so you don't need to saw it onto your clothes or any extra papers attached for professional looking badge.

How to make a yellow badge with a printer:
1. Try to use the "weddings" font and check x or y area for getting the star font using the MS Paint. Make the font size as big as 400pt or something for the best size choice.
2. Just follow the instruction above from 4.


apegirl said...

Is this such a good idea? Is this supposed to be funny? I'm trying to understand.