24 January, 2015

"Islam and ISIS from the Quran" - why Christians and Jews must be aware of Muslims in our neighborhood

Just know what the Muslims believe and how they are acting in our neighborhood. I just don't understand why this kind of religion is accepted in the country with proper civil law exists.

I hope the Pirates Party makes a new 21st C new age religion for their politics. Sharing files for freedom. God says files are created to be free and he demanded to spread and multiple... and so on.... FSF had a church for their own GNU worshiping before. 


Ruth Heinzelmann said...

Jane, I hope you are o.k. I put your yellow star on my homepage:

Ruth Heinzelmann said...

I know some very friendly and hospitable muslims.

JB said...

Thanks for the yellow star adding. I have the gang stalkers claiming me to be a Muslim and making the ill claims of Islamist pretending for the harassment - that is worse for female victims because the perpetrators would assume me to be a Muslim and try to steal my belongings as female property. Muslims won't allow women for owning things, voting, etc. Especially, these Japanese Soka Gakkai cult gang stalkers seem to be trying to harass non-Soka people with the cruel fanaticism. I use the yellow badge to make sure I don't look like a Muslim and making it known that I would be just look like the Catholic ended up in Auschwitz. More bones than Jews? Some were just the ones blamed to be Jews and counted.