22 January, 2015

Organized Stalkers Around Me - January 21st, 2015

I'm in Amsterdam now. You can see me with my yellow badge. I saw one German car here.

Also, I saw some single traveling Asian women and men here and there. They had the map with them. Just looked funny to me.

Here is the video. Nothing much but Germans and some extra things.


Ruth Heinzelmann said...

Hello Jane, I hope you are O.K. The last days I was not able to work on the TI problems.
But I had a look through the PDF with the German cars. They day when I decided to ask you about another sorting I saw one similar car as on your list: A big silver car with E-MC and some 5 (E-MC is like a formular of Albert Einstein and 5 is my birthday - Therefore I remembered it). I never saw the other cars.
I was not able to find T.A.R.A.C.T. on Facebook.
I read some of the things the V2K perps told you. In my brain were three teams: A very bad one, always lying and causing fear. A "small-talk"- one which pretended to help or warn me, but just causes irritations and worrying.
Most of the gangstalking is just playing theatre.
And very few times there is a team giving correct information which helps me to solve problems or to learn something about the Mind Control or Gangstalking. This good team just speaks once a day.
Do you like Amsterdam? I was there once - it was not "my town".

JB said...

TARACT FB link is here. https://www.facebook.com/groups/TARACTNETWORK/
I'm selling some V2K books in English and Japanese. I don't know what yours say, but mine seemed to have the people speaking few languages and some are capable to speak in English or Japanese. The English speaking one got some who love talking about the Nazis era issues and know some people who seemed to be working for Nazis. They gave me a story of an 87 years cosmetic surgeon who worked as Psychologist in Harr, near Munich Airport where once the mental institution located. It was that spot where scientists often visited and the term "Tiere" was used to mean the people who were powerless against the officers.