11 January, 2015

Organized Stalkers Around Me - January 11th, 2015

I saw one German car when I left my flat and near the church I visited for the English Mass. The mass was normal. No harassment at all. No holding hand people.

I made around 10 of the German car pic DVD-ROMS and I'm thinking to sell them near the synagourge at Budapest - you know the area with Ruin Pubs. I'm thinking to sell one DVD for 20€ and sharing my blog address for the donation. Of course, I'm gonna wear the yellow budge and show up in the Jewish Quarter! I can explain how I have been gang stalked since 2006 and have been stalked by German cars for the 3rd years now. You know, it sounds funny but some Jews left to America made money out from laughs and showbiz, so I'm mimicking the technique.

Ah, I'm traveling to Budapest tomorrow and will be in one bed room place by tomorrow night. So, I will share the information tomorrow with the wifi. I'm quite comfortable in the area fore few nights. If I can get help from someone who is good about the Jewish history in the area, I might get a way to survive. I studied a bit of Hebrew and now is the time to pretend to look like a Jew with a yellow budge.

The photos are quite bulky, but I think they would be ready for sale in small packets for 500MB size or so. I'm uploading 2013 German car set in a zip file and it's around 480MB. I'm gonna sell it for 10€ like a donation price. 2014 version would be in 3 packets, I guess. Video parts free, maybe?

Here is the video. You can see some Muslims at McDonalds and Pink Panther at night. I don't know why Muslims are so many in the area now.