30 January, 2015

Organized Stalkers Around Me - January 29th, 2015

I saw an Italian car when I left my hostel and was heading to Westend shopping center near the train station. Then I saw some more German cars. It's about 200m and so many German cars on my way and back.

At the food court in the shopping mall, I saw some hijab women. Are they the false witness people?

Also, there is a Korean man at the hostel. He seemed to be alone staying in a dorm and eating an instant noodle. The V2K perps told me that Hungary has 3rd generation Koreans and such for protecting their own church values with Korean government backup. Well, the religious persecution against me for the Catholic churches is something like the Soka Gakkai cops want to use Catholic church network for their own social ties and for the harassment on who they don't want. So, I'm ok to be wearing a yellow badge and attending the mass some times. I'm fine to be the outcast for nothing wrong but others making up stories. When are the church workers and visitors bring people to Auschwitz this time? Polish cop friends seemed to be helping such network. No individual peace nor freedom of religion while other using the cop ties for the social control. I'm free to be what I believe the religious right and human right. I say I hate Muslim because of the past damages, and I am uncomfortable to be with gooks, chinks, japs, etc, for the same reason. What is wrong to say so when there were past damages happened and my personal will to stay away from these harmful people? I just share what's going on and trying to be safe.

Oh, I share these gang stalker information to anti-human trafficking orgs.