15 January, 2015

How to delete someone's blog from blogger account

The V2K perps say that they want to ask the help from the hotel or guest for doing the hacking using those WIFI tapping and using the same IP address to look not suspicious.

I sometimes found my password backup file I use with a password managing software name and the pass disappeared. It's hacking and that was probably done when someone entered my room and made a hole in my underwear or socks. That sounds terrorism to me than them claiming me to be dangerous. I only use a camera to expose their gang stalking activities and sometimes recording the real crimes punishable for someone on my photo or video.

The V2K perps said that they just want to use the company millionaires friendship and enemy clarification. If someone is harmful or dangerous for each other's business,

I don't know if the perps do something to my blog, but I guess it's safe now and I just keep the backup files with me.

I'm traveling to Paris tomorrow and would be in the city by Saturday afternoon.