16 January, 2015

I'm in a cafe now and will travel to Paris in few hours

So far, everything is ready and my Busuu note with me to review during the trip till tomorrow afternoon. I changed the passwords here so nothing suspicious would happen.Not using English and something really rare words and numbers. I don't really know how the Paris censorship is going, but I might just the WIFI from my hotel private room to keep the blogging.

The V2K perps told me that what they are doing is to read the key typings from WIFI and that is for the prostitution suspicion. I film anyone who talk to me if they come to my room for whatever the reason like cleaning and such.

I would be capable to share what the Paris looks like and I will share my poetry there and possibility a cartoon left around the parade site for participating the "Freedom of speech" issue. Then I will head to Netherlands to really file the case to the ICC with over 3 years of the German licensed cars harassing if it is possible. Then I will try to share the information here and there for sharing the gang stalking in my case. I shall share some gang stalking provocating sites for more information.

That's all about it for today. I need to be taking rest to be active listening music or reviewing French.