30 May, 2015

Organized Stalkers Around Me - May 29th, 2015

I found a strange device on the window across my hostel. It's on few floors up but is there for few days by now. What is it?

A Netherlands car near my hostel. Does it have the cannabis packed in the tube in the extra tire?

A German car showed up when I left my hostel.

I took a bus to Velo Center area. I saw an Asian woman in a red cloth standing alone watching the watches inside.

I saw a CH sticker car near the gym today.

After that CH car, a German car showed up and parked at the parking lot near the gym.

A French car near the bus station.

When I left gym, I saw a Smart car with German license plate cover outside. Ah, I saw a man with Nagano logo T-shirt inside. Last time was "I (heart)Japan" T-shirt person. I didn't really take pictures before. I visit there few more times next week. Shall I take some photos before quitting?

And the video. Enjoy German cars from today.