28 October, 2012

Are you ready for the comming war to save the US debit and economic crisis around the world?

About a decade ago, there was a major economic crisis hit Asian countries, and the bubble economy suddenly corrupted. Some says about the US economy would be crushed due to the debit. Or, the Euro problem if few more countries added to the economic crisis after Greece. On the other hands, China and Russia, one time they were the enemies of the West, are now taking the major role in the world economy.

Alex Jones suggests the relocation to a small towns for own cultivation of foods and shelter making.

Are you ready for the relocation by your own? But I would like to warn you. Any suspicious action by the individual might be viewed as an example of terrorism threats. Remember what happened to Unabomer. He lived in an isolated house alone and was committing crimes. FBI might be interested in you if you want to live alone in an isolated area. And if you want to live in a group, don't forget to make it not a hippie commune, or the police/FBI informants might use the place for the nest for drugs and cult making. They have done that during 60s to late 70s in Love and Peace movement while the CIA made the experiment on LSD and other drugs on the useless individuals in the society.