19 October, 2012

OSAM - Asian Restaurants in Munich

Normally, the Targeted Individuals get harassed by the strangers. It became so common for the veteran TIs. In Munich, I often have the shops and restaurants cheating on the change. Haar Forum was the worst case and the best video I ever made for recording the fraud. Today, I ate my lunch at Asia Hung, the Asian restaurant in the Munich train station. I ordered 5€ meal and paid 10€ note. The clerk did not return the change. I mentioned him and he acted as if he forgot the change. I have been going through these change cheating so much, so I thought it was one of those skits. Perps in Germany really like to cheat on the bills to make more money and stealing things. You know, that reminded me of the mentality of the infamous Christal Night. They also love small tampering, so that part would be added for that event and the similarity nicely. Ah, one extra thing is maybe the false alarm for the TI customers to claim shoplifters. That should be something new, or did they do similar thing to the Jews and foreigners before the WWII? Well, Asian Hung experience was not that bad as the clerk actually gave me the change back with the payment from the female customer next to me. No argument nor the need of filming from the time of the payment. It would be worse if I have to film my payment at restaurants every time to check for preventing the change cheating. Munich is not that bad now.

I needed to buy a medicine few hours later and went to a pharmacy on the corner of the train station. I saw an Asia Hung's clerk there and he stood behind me. I don't know if that was a coincidence or someone asked a small favor to one of the clerks. I mention it here for the prevention of the disinformation campaign in the area.

Lemon Glass, another Asian restaurants in the area got clerk with NYPD logo cap. Shortly after I started visiting there, the Bento-ya, the restaurant next to it had a management change or the renovation. I never visited there, but it might had something for the perp's issues.

Here is the video I made from todays and past experiences in Asian restaurants.