09 October, 2012

The profiling to limit the travelers - valid from next year?

The customs in UK might have the security surveillance system like limiting the travelers using the profiling. The V2K perps seem to know the same mechanism would be installed in Europe to limit the travelers who are looking for the long term visa in the countries. I don't know if that allows the police informants and the students working for the government can be the only ones to get better education and the work abroad in future. That sounds like the ideal situation for the NWO people, who want to control everyone under their spies. The solo travelers might be also limited for the same reason.

Also, if the informant makes up a claim of someone for any suspicion, such as a possible Muslim, then that information would be valued more than what the person would say. That sounds terrible, but it works for the character assassination and the profiling on the individual. In the police state, people would be labeled as terrorists and such due to what the police and authorities believe. Also, the profiling with the criminology and psychology can be used for the manipulation of the individual's actual nature and behaviors. If someone is harassed under COINTELPRO and cannot get a regular job, the one would be looked as having mental problem or something wrong to get the job like a normal individual. Some FBI whistle-blowers wrote books of how they do in the breau to harass the individuals. The manipulation of the actual problem is quite common among the police states as the authorities can help the professionals to make up the story favorable for themselves.