03 October, 2012

The Gang Stalker in Germany

The title sounds like Mokuren's blog. I wonder what happened to her in East Germany. She might have experienced the organized stalking using the local people. I don't know much in that area, but I think München is one of the worst places I experienced the massive gang stalking and the damages. They might use the groups who are interested to harass the target based on the target's identity. It's typical of COINTELPRO. The book, War at Home, explains more about such actions taken by the police-backed groups who are rivals and such. The Black Panther Party got something similar, so if you check their history, you know what I'm talking about. Koreans, Chinese, Japaense (the ones often speak Korean), Brazilians, Finnlander, Russians are quite popular groups doing the gang stalking here. The people from South America are more likely to know about their covert police operation in their countries and the successful ones to get education and work opportunities - a typical for economich hitman background, isn't it? In my case, I got Muslims and the people reading Islamic books around. I can share the names of people who are reading books about Islam. I don't know why some people are interested in Islam like that way. I thought that was for the gaslighting with snitch jacket taste - like bringing the Islamic book by their own and claiming the target bringing it. The perpetrators got strange mentarility like causing a damage and then blaming someone else for the damage. The black is white and the white is black - a famous CIA proverb.

I got damages on suitcases and they are quite worse. The police did not take the case and the Munich police did not believe in organized crime. Well, I can understand why they cannot do anything against Neo Nazi or the crime prevention against them. In the US, FBI infomants often work for the Neo Nazi group for the infilterating and also for the covert operation purpose. I hope I'm sharing the useful information to understand the organized criminal groups in this blog. The MNCs would have a security team harassment group that can track down a certain individual and make the alarm beep in the store for the false shoplifter claim. David Lawson's book mentions that the cause stalking victim might be claimed and rumored as shoplifter and other criminal records. If a TI comes to Munich, he might get the shoplifter records by the false security alarm. So far, the police won't do aynthing to protect me, I can share the names of the people and the company names for telling the truth. Why can't we have opportunity to share the story from the victim side? There were some things stolen while I stay in Germany, and if these local gang stalkers have the mentality like how Nazis took everything from their victim, I can imagine that is what I experienced. The perps might make the notis on certain things and try to claim them for the investigation and the "survenior" purpose.

They love stealing jeweries, rare books, dictionaries, textbooks, documents, rare CDs, etc. Also, they love stealing or damaging a rosary. The perps might be able to convince the electronic harassment team - the one capable of doing the remote hypnosis and mind control. I know people would say that sounds like a magic, but if they know how far MIT and the top universtities' Brain Man Interface(BMI) doing the reearches with the military funds, you cannot simply say I'm a lunatic. I would rather tell you that you are primitive human who don't know anything about US Army's blain jacking technolgy. When the local team got suspicion, they can ask help for the electronic harassment.

Shall I sahre the new Stasi 2.0 list? I hope it helps the local victims to figure out who are the economic hitman here. They are invincible from the law as they have police friends. And the victim's claim is always turned down if they are the problem. These people are engaged in the local patrol team, so you might be able to find them with police or doing the mobbing on a certain individual.


Jose Gil said...

Miyoko all the TIs experience how many spelling mistakes appear in any text they write with their computers and send via internet to others, so they end up really discredited as dumm iliterate individuals and finally lose their jobs

JB said...

>Jose Gil
Thanks for the so many word collecting with iPhone and iPad, the blogs and twitters should be allowed to have few spell mistakes. In my case, I use German Firefox and the auto spell check don't work properly. I do use the spell check when I write a document file.

Rachael O. said...

Thanks for your activism . Ignore empty criticism and use comment moderator.