06 October, 2012

V2K prevention? Try to build acaustic noise cancelling room.

Few days ago, I tried Bose's QuietComfort headphone in an electronic store. The result was just amazing. It shuts off the regular hum noise I have been hearing for years. If you don't know what hum is, check out this website.
Can you hear the hum?

In my case, I can hear the hum from when I wake up and I feel like the noise is just there till I sleep. It's like I stay near a large speaker which is turned on. If you stand near a speaker, you can hear the small hauling sound. That is what sounds like to be for the TIs with some electronic harassments. The V2K is heard as a part of hum. When I use the earplug, the noise is still there but I can hear it more like internal. In one occasion, I could hear the bzzz noise from the air conditioner nearby even I put my earplugs on. Other noises are cancelled but such lower noise is still hearable and the distance and the direction is detectable. When I use the earplug, I can hear the hum more from the back of my head, and that is a common sense for the microwave hearing. Also, I can hear the high pitched tone as if of the noise from the ultrasoinc cleaner in the glassware stores. That one can be hearable when the V2K perps want to make the TI not to sleep. These perps often used the noise like hitting a steel pan with a spoon for similar noise making.

Well, I tried QuietComfort(r) today also in the official Bose store. The hum was shut off just like last time. So, there should be no problem to say that the hum-cutting ability of the device would be real. I tried the different device in different locations and different times of the day. I think it's worth to check the latest acaustic noise cancelling headphone from Bose for the V2K-suffering TIs. It does not take off V2K voices away, but the volume would be reduced. If you use a phone made of string tied to two paper cups, you can hear someone talking. It's a kids' toy. But the V2K can be heard like with a long string if you use the QuietComfort headphone. I don't really know the mechanism of V2K, but I think this explanation works to share how the V2K volume is reduced. It might got less acaustic noises for the TI to get the V2k heard. Another possibility is that the complete V2K cancelling needs the complete covering of the head or even the body for the bone-conducting noise prevention.

QuietComfort costs around 350€, and it's quite expensive for many people. But I think it's worth for checking it out if you have V2K or even ultrasonic electronic harassment problem. SonicNausia is an existing ultrasonic harassment device and it can cause the noise like high pitched tone. TIs who are looking for something to prevent their damages can use the headphone for reducing the hearing problem.
QuietComfort by Bose

If we have an acaustic noise cancelling room, that would be the best to check if the TI's V2K problem is from the high-tech non-lethal weapon or not. At least, DOD got V2K for long time and I wonder how many and what kind of people are used for the Guinea pigs. I got DOD guys in my gang stalkers, so I'm quite sure I got experience in V2K.