31 October, 2012

Müller and the alarm beeping

I went to Müller near Munich main train station and bought few things. I brought my camera in and filmed from the entrance as they have the security alarm beeping at the entrance and at the exit. I learned some chain stores got strange alarm problem and sometimes checking the customers' bags. It reminded me of TSA doing something for fishy thing as if showing a bag of cocain and asking if it is yours or not.

At the cashier, I saw two young woman served at the cashier next to mine. When they went out, the alarm beeped but the male clerk checking my groceries for the payment said them to go. I don't know if they were perps and stole something and making up the claim on me, a TI, for the strange alarm beeping. Or the clerks and the perp team making up the false alarm skit for fun. Later, I went to Saturn to check some cameras as my camera started acting weird sometimes. That part you can see from my video. In Saturn there were many beeping happened and I guess that was for the skits. I saw a couple got alarm beeped at the entrance when I was about to enter and they showed the receipt and the plastic bag to the security man. When I went in and out, the alarm did not beep. It would be very troublesome if I have to carry video camera around when I enter each store.

I was too late to turn on my camera at the cashier, so you can hear only a short beeping in my video.