07 October, 2012

EDEKA - the cashier woman gone somewhere

Since the stupid security alarm problem at DM and Tengelmann at Karlsplatz, I used the small stores for purchasing the groceries. I did it randomly and I often dined out to stay away from any trouble. Normally, the people in Germany are nice and they don't do the cheating the change or skipping certain people. I sometimes visit EDEKA, and I know the clerks there as they only have few in the cashier.
Yesterday, I went to EDEKA and bought some groceries for this week. They don't have the alarm, so the security team cannot make up the false security alarm beeping at the entrance or at the cashier. No more bag checking like at Tengelmann or DM. That was seriously insulting me as if looking me as a shoplifter. Well, as a normal customer, I fight back with my camera for the possible discrimination going on against TIs in their stores.

At my turn at the cashier, the cashier woman left before checking my groceries. I thought she needed to change with another person for some reason. They usually close the cashier before the shift, but it looked like so, and I was bored and filmed the situation as it was for making the chance for the security guys to let me steal things and leave the store. I thought that is a typical of gang stalking strategies to make up the thefts. I think the author of The hidden evil wrote about the similar incidents like he found a computer on the street when he was thinking to buy one. He could take it if he is a thief. I encountered similar things before, so I just stayed on the line and waited for someone to come back for the cashier.

After few minutes, the cashier woman came back with two small bottles of liquors. They were for the man behind me. It was so strange as she supposed to serve me first and he could ask about it. He had 6 pack Becks bottle only, and the cashier woman went to pick up two liquors. I don't know if that is normal thing to happen at the cashier though. Fortunately, I paid my payment with exact amount and no change, so there was no cheating happened. The guy behind me stood very close to me when the cashier woman started to check my groceries. I don't know it was the skit by the perp behind me who tried to look like a pair. It happened at Subway with the strange Asian-Mideastern guy. It's good to mention as I'm a TI and got strange experiences at the cashiers. The perps might be making up false prostitution claims or something. I learned German perps like to harass Catholics by damaging or stealing religious items and try to make the female victims as prostitutes. Now wonder there are many Germans going to Thailand or Asia for the prostitution tourism - just like Japanese and Koreans. I might be able to get those perps filmed for the future prevention of false prostitution and even the shoplifter claims. We have enough gang stalking here.

Here is my video. You can check someone with "Francesco" Japanese logo T-shirt in another cashier line. I guess these people might be perps and you can see more strange things done by those perps in future. Too bad, I forgot to film that suspicious man stood very close to me.