07 October, 2012

US military sprayed radioactive in St. Luis - article from examiner.com

Now I'm planning to publish the new book about the gang stalking in the churches as that would help some religious people to be aware of the gang stalking in supposed to be sacred areas. It's quite disturbing but that should be helpful for the religious TIs to stay strong and how to keep their face among the harassers. Well, I read an interesting article during my break, so I want to share it here.

A St. Louis, Missouri college professor has revealed through Freedom of Information Act documents that the United States military's long history of secret non-consensual human experimentation includes spraying radioactive particles on the city's poorest neighborhoods, comprised of mainly children, in the 1950s and ‘60s, and that later government investigations neglected to speak with victims of this human rights abuse.
At the time, the US Army admitted that it showered certain locales with a chemical mixture, but said it was to test smoke screens they’d deploy to shield St. Louis from any nuclear assault by way of Russia. According to Martino-Taylor, the Army and others misled the public and actually poisoned residents of St. Louis and other cities with a dangerous compound composed of zinc cadmium sulfide and radioactive elements. (http://www.examiner.com/article/us-military-secretly-sprayed-radioactive-particles-on-st-louis-poorest-children)
The article reveals the doubletalk by the US Army. They wanted to protect the citizen while they used the people for the research. The wise guess? If you really want to stay safe, you can just escape from the area while the military actually using the citizens for the Guinea Pig. I think we have the similar doubletalk going on about 911 and the war on terrorists. Who are the enemies of the US or even the terrorists these days? The anti-terrorism propaganda straightened the local initiatives on the neighborhood watch programs  while we don't really have terrorists around. The FBI predicted the increase of the local extremists while the gang number also increased but they are not known and threat for the local community. On the other hands, some people are claimed as Targeted Individuals and harassed to be expelled from the society. Those people working for the gang stalking often talk about the corrupted police and mafia works. Maybe, we have the double standards in the anti-terrorism propaganda there. I'm fine sharing the damages to the US politicians like Ron Paul while the perps got nothing much to do but to make up fake claims against me and try to convince others and ask the action by the authorities. I'm fine to be the good-guy side while others have no idea what they are doing. What and the US Army doing in the past and now? Perhaps we have ethically corrupted society and the army from the past.


Nat-Mau said...

The more things stay the same..I'm black and living in the US and I believe most of the targets of organized gang stalking & v2k are people of color--the usual suspects with anything the fascist US government likes to implement. Just like the Tuskegee Experiment, I believe the US govt likes to target those they feel are most vulnerable and have the least recourse when being subjected to covert involuntary human experimentation. You can read my blog at: http://www.rosemary'sbabiesandcompany.blogspot.com

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