21 October, 2012

The money-sticking-out-from-donation-basket skit in Frauenkirch and the perps around me yesterday

I quickly created the video about what happened in Frauenkirch yesterday. There two people sat next to me and they barricaded the way out during the communion time. There were not so many people visiting the evening mass yesterday as there was museum visiting event going on. Here is an example of how people near me just sit down during the mass. Also, the donation money sticked out for their expectation of me stealing it. I'm curious why these perpetrators who are often friends of the police officers even doing the skit in the church. It was the second time, so I wanted to film them for warning others about what they are doing. They try to stick out the note money out from the donation basket, so I have hard time to put money in. They could claim me a thief if I try to put the money inside, right? I wonder if they are doing the harassment because that I speak Arabic and they could make up the claim as a Muslim while I got some Muslims around for their gang stalking also. Who governs the church in Alexandria, Egypt? I stayed in the guest house there, too. They could get money from the false Muslim terrorist threat while they are harassing the Christians.. You know, people make up claims while they are the real threat to the honesty and Christianity. I wonder who they are. It's like one of the Obama jokes; he can say the workplaces increased in the US while so many people became homeless.

And here is Japanese speaking guy I saw in the U-Bahn station. There was an event going on at the church in the Odeonplatz for the Museum Event.