01 October, 2012

The chronological order of the alarm beeing at the stores in München.

Before I do the more intense research on the alarm beeping in the stores in Munich, I would like to share the chronological history of alarm beeping. This list shows how often such thing happens recently. Last few months, I had no problem visiting those stores and there was no alam beeping around even to another customer. I assume alarm beeing is a rare incident. Well, if that is the purpose of trying to put the Targeted Individual on the black list on the shops, then I should have protest against their fraud on shoplifter claim. Perhaps, it might be related with Tobias Shönehammer, who is a family member of the flat I rented a room and got my bag and suitcase damaged on my day of check-out. And that was the place where I lost my rosary case with my rosary, the cross I received from the priest who baptised me, and a ring with Latin script inside, and 1000CHF emergency money. He works for the security guard somewhere, Residence? So, it's possible that exposure of the damage happened at their home might be resulted as someone put my name on the security black list to cause the beeping at stores. The DOD workers can put the names of the women who rejected the dating, so similar logic might work for the security workers making who to harass from their control office. Can you just stop the beeping? I just wanna buy stuffs in the stores like I used to do.. The Bible might say some people without the sign of the beast cannot buy things in the apocalypse time, but it shouldn't be look like in Geramany. These might had J sign on their passports or their middle names would be Israel or Sarah and could not be treated as common citizens several decads ago.
“He causes all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and slave, to receive a mark on their right hand or on their foreheads, and that no one may buy or sell except one who has the mark or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.” Revelation 13:16,17
Well, maybe I can film the next video with the beeping alarm to mention the biblical awareness. And also, I can share such cool video for the conservatible religious people who want to use that part with alarm beeping to reject certain people to purchase in the store or blame them for shoplifters as the good example of what the people with no sign of beast look like.

Here is the chronological order of the alarm beeping.

September 7th: I went to Karstadt in Marianplatz and bought a box of chocolate for my friend. I dropped something and I was not sure what it was. It happened when I opened my bag at the cashier for the payment and put the chocolate box into my bag. The woman stood next to me pointed on the floor and I found my mechanical pencil dropped. So I picked it up and put it back in my bag.
Later, I wen to Perfetto in Karstadt building in Münchener Freiheit and bouht groceries. At the exit, I heard the alarm beeped, but there was a couple with a baby cart also leaving the store at the same entrance, and I thought that they had the problem. Then I went to DM to buy toilet paper quicky, and on the exit the security alarm beeped there. I tried it twice and it beeped and I tried to film the beeping, but the third time it did not beep. That film is added in GSA 11 video.

September 13th or 14th, 2012: I went to Tengelmann near Ostbahnhof. I found the alarm beeping at the entrance and  at the exit. No one cared. Well, I wanted to make sure there was no mistake of someone claiming me as stealing, so I filmed the situation at the entrance and also at the exit. Thanks to my filming, I got some eye-witnesses around and they are captured in my video.

September 17th, 2012: I went to DM in  Karlsplatz in afternoon before I ate my dinner in McDonalds. When I enter the store, the alarm beeped. On my way out, the alarm beeped but the clark did not mention it. I thought that was as if they knew I got the alarm at the entrance beeped. I saw there was a fat woman behind me at the cashier and she also seemed to got alarm beeped. I went out and filmed the situation as I accidentally could not film it at the alarm. This part is also in GSA 11 video.

September 21st, 2012: The alarm at Tengelmann near Ostbahnhof beeped when I exit. This was the second time and the alarm beeped only at the exit.

September 24th, 2012: The alarm at DM in Karlsplatz beeped at both entrance and at the exit. This time, the rude woman at the cashier started talking to me in English and she opened my bag. I filmed everything for the evidence. She claimed that my netbook is the cause of the beeping. Actually, the alarm beeped while nothing around and when the woman with glasses behind me passed by she also got beeped.

September 26th, 2012: The alarm at the chashier in Tengelmann in Karlsplatz beeped. The blong man with blak sweater checked my bag. This is the first time someone checking my bag at Tengelmann.

Does anyone interested to visit these stores with me for the false shoplifter claim? I can be the tour guide to show how these stores are making up shoplifter claims on the Targeted Individuals. It's quite terrible to experience these things by alone. Well, collecting those videos would be a good idea to keep an eye on the NWO movement in Germany. The ex-Nazis migrated to the US with Project Paperclip and they got some US Army and NSA faculties here in Bayern. 

I should make a good video for Germans about those false shoplifting claim by the organized stalkers in Munich, right? I wonder if I can bring my case as the discrimination on the Targetred Individual. My guess is that these false shoplifting claim might be the favorite for the COINTELPRO done by the police/FBI in Germany. They can make up the shoplifting possibility and film them and they bring the numbers of insidents as their proof of shoplifting against the victim. Is three times at the same store enough for making someone caught? I also carry my camera for the evidence collecting as those stores have no intention of prooving the customer as innocent. I can use my customer right to film myself while I shop, don't you think? I'm not insider and I don't have the sign of the beast to be able to stay safe in this world. But I feel better to be honest and truth-loving than accepting the lies of the top elites who can make money from making up claims or ignoring the facts - free-fall motion of TWCs in NY and three buildings got completely corrupt by two plane hits. Number of the security alarm beeping incidents makes me to think Germany is much like a police state now.