16 October, 2012

New World Order is to replace the innocent people with the intelligence and police informants

COINTELPRO has been used since 60s in the USA and there have been similar tricks going on in the Communist countries. Hungary had the secret police but the film, "The Life of an Agent," states that West Germany had worse system then them. Well, the Stasi in East Germany was known to be notorious about its citizen surveillance system, but the film does not mention about it. Where the surveillance system in West Germany came from? There is a history and the information like Operation Gladio backed up by the US to do the covert operation in Germany. More about such information is listed in the book, Killing Hope, by William Blum.

After 911, we need to talk about the NWO, which is known as the most popular conspiracy and one of the biggest dream for the world top elites such as the Committe of 300. There are some people speaking up and those pieces of information together makes a big view of what is going on these days - from the stripped search in the airports (refusal can make the one ending up locked) to the warrant-less searches, so called black bag job by the FBI and letting the searchers to steal anything they want such as pornos to valuables. Some TSA officers have been caught on stealing from the suitcases or for the molesting or rape. Meanwhile, people know major terrorist activities are backed up by the local police for the covert operation or by the group funded by the intelligence.

I'm doing some research on such issues in Germany, and it was funny to get strange incidents here just like the gang stalking to the shoplifting claim done by the big supermarket chains like DM, Tengelmann, and Müller. It would be good for the footage making to share what they have done and the freedom of press can later help the researchers to understand what is going on in this time in our history to the activists and ex-refugee like me in Germany. So far, some Germans are talking about 911 as insider job, thus I found out my stance of being the conspiracy theory researcher should be not a problem with the German politics. It would rather mess around with the Korean and Japanese perps who are part of that NWO mafia supported by the rich people including the ones with Islamic backgrounds and something to do with the researches done by DAARPA/DOD.

Shall I just share my experience and the surveillance people's names? That would help other TIs to figure out how their social status is similar to what we called Economic Hitman. They are often helping the local police for the covert operation which is not always clean. I know a Brazilian girl who did the black work in Brazilian companies in some parts of Germany. She is probably taking the class for her law degree in LMU. Some perps are trying to become hospital workers, psychologists/psychiatrists, economists, lawyers specialized in criminal laws, etc. These specialties sound more for the world dominance, don't they? We can add anthropologists for their well-adapting skill and social skill.

Nowadays, I found the cloud storage very important as I lost so many documents, books, music CDS. They are all religious ones. The perps wanted to claim me as a Muslim while I have been stating Islam is a sexist religion that some men thinking women as a type of property. Say, some people love pets and they treat pets as family member. I think the Islam has something similar view between man and woman. Thanks to what happened at Goethe Institut, I got quite interesting information of these Muslims who showed up with for strange complaining like what Iman did. Or how the American guys showed up for the covert operation / mobbing there. Due to what happened for the shop lifting claim and my videos, I can prove such organized crime is really happening to me with my own evidences and voice recordings. Ah, maybe I should write a book about my life in Germany with such interesting information for the TIs and the COINTELRPO researchers. There seemed to be the Muslims showing up from Saudi Arabia for the part of gang stalking member as well as from Egypt, Oman (they got quite big UK military base), and such. But these Muslims often have the experience living in the US. You can imagine what it means if you know what the School of Americas are for and what the local police or the FBI teaching these foreigners.