14 October, 2012

Will Korean migrants to Japan increase after 4 years?

The scientists and the doctors say that the radioactive effects can be more visible after 4 years. In such case, what happen to the Japanese population? Nowadays, the invasions and the military excersizes near Japan are quite popular phenomenon. Will China and Korea send more migrants to Japan after 4 years to replace the radioactive-lower-IQ Japanese youth? I got perpetrators often from Korea and Korean speaking Japanese around with Chinese and Russians. I wonder if that is what really look the real picture of economic hitman for the future planning. Ex-PM Koizumi was pro Korea, so I'm assuming that is favorable view of the future Japan. Anyway, there is a rumor about Showa Emperor was Omuro Toranosuke, who had military experience and helped to start the war. Well, only the winners can make the histories, so who knows what kind of history was right? We learned enough of this from China, right?

I used to be an asylum seeker and have no interest in Japan nor going back to the land of radioactives. I don't understand why there are so many perps asking me when I go back to Japan and such. I'm just like diaspora, ok? It's just funny I got harassed like Jew in Germany, and that part I'm proud of for my study of NWO thing here.