20 March, 2008

How to bring the emotional abuse to a lawsuit?

I don´t know much about the enforcement system here in Switzerland. The translator who searched the enforcement system told me that Kanton police control the asylum seekers and they can search the rooms of the asylum seekers anytime in 24 hours. At least, it is a standard for St. Gallen.

I never thought that filing a case does not have a reference number at the police station, but it would be at the court. For their investigation period, the criminals would be on loose. I guess that is why I have seen the Somalian man and the Guinean man at the Aarau train station. Well, if I need at least one witness and if the residents are telling lies in groups, I must keep filming them for my own defense. It is like while I am on never ending investigation or claims, I have to film them to defend my innocence and how they are working on false testimonies against me.
As gaslighting can be done by groups, what you will see in my OSAM series is the same people working on the skits and anchoring I already defined for psychological abuses. In my case, I saw residents using several objects for anchoring.

Knife: this is often done ine kitchen and they often start to cut something next to me or cut the same vegetable which is in my ingredient for that day.
Coke: It is hard to define as a anchoring object, yet I have seen someone put an empty pet bottle in the cabinet or holding them around while they are working on other skit.
Blushing Teeth: Blushing teeth is a common activity, but I have seen certain perps working on this anchoring at the restroom for short period of time. My perps show up few days and disappear for a while. If I really live with other residents who stay in the refugee residence 24/7, then I should see them doing so more frequent than only few days or seeing them not only few days but also more than that in one month.
Rosary and other Christian icons: It is almost impossible to see Our Lady of Guadalupe picutre for gaslighting.

American logos: there would be American logo clothes available for popularities, but how often people wear so many American logos like, Grain Hill, Louisiana, Los Angels, San Fransisco, Detroit, New York, etc? I have seen half of these inside of a refugee residence.
I think I figured out how anchoring technique starts to make the person sensitive to every small details in the surroundings. I am not sure how much use of the e-harassment devices will escalate this process, but I am sure there is a certain steps to make the individual´s mind aware of every detail around him or her. Because of Dr. Meniketti´s classes, I learned that there is a device that control the subject´s eye movement. It can turn the head of the subject to watch the certain thing behind of him or her. I don´t know if this device is always used for the TIs. This device does not require implanting because it was used to me while I was attending SJSU.
First, I would like to tell how this device will increase the possibility of making the target sensitive and desirable for anchoring. When someone focus on an object, the person usually have an intention on watching it. Focus of one´s eye actually reflects the interest of one´s thought. However, if the eye movement is controlled, then the person will get confused why he is watching the certain object. This is because his thought did not reflect the eye movement. It gives the subject confusion and he is more likely to get sensitive to the environment.
If this device is not used for the TI, then the things would be easier. For example, seeing someone blushing teeth after midnight is quite odd. This oddness would increase if this just happened right after the target went to the bathroom or the man blushing teeth was working on other gaslighting two days ago.

I don´t have a degree in psychology and all my understanding is from my experiences rather than books or articles. If I get an environment to read through the academic articles, I would have more chances to define everything clearly using the adequate psychological terms.
I came up with some countermeasures, but yet I cannot get the idea where this anchoring start to impact one´s mind. If we can define this line, we might have much clear definition of anchoring as a psychological abuse.

In reality, gaslighting is not defined well enough to make the criminals caught by the cops. Then, we must define the limit of gaslighting to keep an individual healthy. Some research indicates that smoking hurts children and parents are encouraged to keep their children away from smoking areas. If we know the danger of gaslighting, we can draw the line where to stop gaslighting for keeping mental health. One thing for sure is that emotional abusers claim the victim mentally ill – this is a classical definition of the gaslighting perspective.


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